Welcome to Yohey Suzuki Lab 鈴木庸平研究室 Website

We are studying life-water-mineral interactions at deep-sea and deep subsurface biosphere frontiers at Department of Earth and Planetary Science, Graduate School of Science, 

The University of Tokyo. 

Research topics


Without sunlight, many forms of life fluorish with energy sources from hydrothermal vents and cold seeps. By using submersibles, we can directly access the deep-sea oasis to collect geochemical, mineralogical and biological samples. 

The underground world seems to be hostile for life, because food and breathable air from photosynthesis are no longer available. However, microbes are slowly harvesting geologically produced nutrients by unknown metabolisms. We are studying the mystery of the unseen majority of life by using underground research facilities. 

The upper oceanic crust is a vast flask for life-water-rock interactions to impact the global elemental cycling throughout the Earth's history. We are studying rock pieces of the oceanic crust collected by ocean drilling  to unveil the oceanic crust habitability and the role of microorganisms in basalt weathering and elemental cycling. 

Uranium is radioactive but used for respiraion by microorganisms. By stimulating uranium-breathing mirobes in groundwater, the cheap and effective technology to clean up radionuclide-contamimed groundwater is being developed around the world.